Mission Partners

Mission Partners

Here at Transformation Church, generosity is a core part of our DNA as a church. We believe that every good gift comes from our heavenly father. Just as we have received abundantly, so it is our privilege to freely give. We support a number of ministries in Sri Lanka, India, and also locally within Australia. These include churches, orphanages and schools and our support enables them to spread the good news and provide practical care to the poor, hurting and vulnerable. 

Give to missions

Child Action Lanka (Sri Lanka)

Debbie and Dilshan Edirisinghe are sharing the love of Christ reaching out to underprivileged children providing them with all the support needed for their education.

Bethany Gospel Church (Sri Lanka)

Rajini Veerasingham is ministering to orphans and widows in Manipay, Jaffna.

Rainbow Homes (Sri Lanka)

Dr. Lalith and Hiranthi Mendis, in addition to spreading The Gospel and pastoring and overseeing numerous churches, are passionately sharing the love and compassion of our Lord to orphans providing them with high standards of nurture and education.

Impetus Ministries

Pastor Chrysantha Wickramaratne has been equipping and training disciples for evangelism and village ministry resulting in numerous new converts and mission workers.

Sr. Mariamma Thampy

Sr. Mariamma Thampy and her late husband Ps. Thampy have been serving The Lord for 50 years resulting in over 2000 church planting across the Indian sub-continent. Her TV ministry has penetrated many unreached people groups in India thus bringing tens of thousands of Hindus to submission to The Lord of Lords.

Ps. Martin Glansy (India)

Ps. Martin Glansy shares the love of Jesus Christ among the residents of a Leper Colony in South India offering them The Gospel; counselling; prayer and free rations.

Bethesda Gospel Ministry (India)

Ps. Justin of Bethesda Gospel Ministry in India has been serving The Lord for over 35 years among the unreached tribal community in remote jungles in a South Indian district. His perseverance and love for the people indeed bore fruits. By His grace, 7 churches were planted among different communities in these mountainous regions.

Church of Hope (Melbourne & Sydney)

Ps. Conrad Fenton & Ps. David Palmer has been serving homeless and drug addicts through Church of Hope in Melbourne and Sydney respectively.

Ps. Willie Dumas (Australia)

Ps. Willie Dumas and his wife Ps. Sandra Dumas, a well-respected leader of the Aboriginal community have been serving the indigenous communities across Australia by raising and empowering disciples.

ACC Missions (Southeast Asia)

ACC Missions for the unreached people group have been serving in Southeast Asia for over 27 years among the Muslim community. Over 12,000 souls have given their life to The Lord, among those numerous of them have committed to serve as Pioneers.

Youth Mission Movement (India)

Youth Mission Movement has been equipping and sending missionaries to the unreached people group of India for over 25 years. They have currently 210 missionaries operating in the Northern states of India. Tens of thousands of new believers have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. Numerous new churches have been planted among the unreached people groups.

Hands of Hope (Sri Lanka)

Hands of Hope Sri Lanka, is a missional ministry bringing healing, hope, and help to the poorer communities of Sri Lanka, led by Ps. Pradheep Peraira.


YGRO – an organization since 1972 has been helping underprivileged people in micro-business such as Agriculture farms, Dairy, Hatcheries etc; and also mentoring and tutoring students to pursue higher studies. These beneficiaries are blessed by the gospel.